Rosamund Pike wins the chance to play opposite Tom Cruise in One Shot

Yesterday we brought you the news that three fine actresses were vying for the female lead in Tom Cruise's next Mission Impossible-less feature, ONE SHOT.

Those in contention were CAPTAIN AMERICA's buxom Haley Atwell, CLASH OF THE TITAN's Alexa Davalos and uh, DOOM's Rosamund Pike. Alright, alright, I probably should say PRIDE AND PREJUDICE instead.

The studio went with Pike, out of the three I would consider her the least "up and coming" just as she's been around for a good while. But despite her lack of an Atwell-ian rack, they think she is the right girl for the job presumably thanks to her audition. Deadline has the details on ONE SHOT (under the helm of Christopher McQuarrie):

Cruise is playing Jack Reacher, the retired military policeman who wanders the country with only his passport, bankbook, toothbrush and the clothes on his back. He finds his way into scrapes, taking the side of the underdog. In One Shot, Reacher investigates a case in which a lone sniper murders five victims before being captured. Reacher discovers it's more than a simple open-and-shut case.

Pike will play Helen Rodin, a local defense attorney defending the man arrested for the shootings. She works with Reacher to bring the true culprits to justice.

Extra Tidbit: Pike is also appearing in CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 as Andromeda. Sometimes I mix her up with Julia Stiles. Kidding! Kind of...
Source: Deadline



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