Rumor: Chris Pratt and Danny McBride in talks for Knight Rider

We haven't heard anything about The Weinstein Company's KNIGHT RIDER movie since Brad Copeland (YOGI BEAR, WILD HOGS) was hired to write the first draft back in June, but if Schmoes Know's source is correct, the studio might be at the point where they are offering roles in their planned film. According to the site, Chris Pratt and Danny McBride are in talks for KNIGHT RIDER.

It's not clear if Pratt and McBride are up for the same role, however it's also possible they are being considered for different parts. David Hasselhoff's character Michael Knight from the television series is the obvious lead role, but they also need someone to voice his car KITT. Some have speculated KNIGHT RIDER could end up being very much like 21 JUMP STREET: a movie based on an 80s television series that blends action with comedy. If that is TWC's plans for the film, it would make a lot of sense to cast two comedic actors like Chris Pratt and Danny McBride.

But remember, this is just a rumor at this point, and nothing more. Do we even want a KNIGHT RIDER movie though? It's all going to depend on how it's handled, and which actors they cast to play Michael Knight and voice KITT. If it's going to be Chris Pratt and Danny McBride, then I'm going to be at least a little interested in the big screen version of KNIGHT RIDER.

Extra Tidbit: Which do you think would be better: Chris Pratt as Michael Knight and Danny McBride as KITT, or Pratt as KITT and McBride as Knight?
Source: Schmoes Know



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