Rumor: Is this the subtitle for Star Wars: Episode VII?

Rumors come in two varieties: those that end up being true and those that are total works of fiction. Since the invention of The Internet, many rumors that sounded like total bullshit turned out to be true. Hell, even when news came down that Disney bought Lucasfilm we all thought it was an elaborate joke and look at us now. We are talking about casting, storylines, and titles for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

Speaking of titles, Talkbacker.com claims they have a source who has divulged the leading subtitle for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. Talkbacker doesn't ring a bell which usually sets of my bullshit alarm, but major websites are reporting their story so I figured we should check it out. The site claims they have a source as well as two others that are substantiating it that the title for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII shall be A NEW DAWN.

This title has been floating around since last year so it could just be the re-appearance of an older rumor or it could be what George Lucas had in mind when he wrote the outlines for the new trilogy. It certainly would be a nice reminder of A NEW HOPE and keep the promise of the new series following the classic three films instead of aping the prequels.

The source also claims that construction is underway at Pinewood Studios in England on a 1:1 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon along with sets for a power plant and the Mos Eisley Cantina. Maybe J.J. Abrams is taking us back to the classic films after all. Disney and Lucasfilm are not going to show their cards that easily until they are ready to make a big announcement. Once that happens I am sure we will only get cast, the official title, and possibly a basic plot outline. Until that day comes, let us debate whether A NEW DAWN is a good title or not.


Extra Tidbit: At least it isn't RETURN OF THE PHANTOM CLONES
Source: Talkbacker.com

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