Rumor: Live-action adaptation of Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix

So Splash Report has an exclusive scoop that UMBRELLA ACADEMY - the acclaimed comic-book series from the less-than-acclaimed lead singer of My Chemical Romance - is getting a live-action adaptation for Netflix.

Apparently there was already a pilot written for the show, after plans for a feature film adaptation at Universal fell through. The story revolves around "the estranged members of the Umbrella Academy, a dysfunctional family of superheroes with bizarre powers, who must figure out how to work together to save the world nine years in the wake of going separate ways. It initially takes place in an alternate history where John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, and is primarily set in 1977, which is treated as the present."

Honestly, this idea sounds pretty cool, as I've heard good things about the comics. As long as they can keep it weird and unique, while not skimping on the special effects or costumes, it can be something special. IF they don't skimp out. Also, that premise sounds like it could be unique blend of ROYAL TENENBAUMS and THE AVENGERS, which could be a potent combination if that indeed is the route they take.

So any fans of the comic? And if so, what do you think of the news? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: I keep forgetting My Chemical Romance sings the end credits song for WATCHMEN.
Source: Splash Report



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