Rumor of the day: Josh Hartnett for Daredevil?

Daredevil angry flame

And in today's Innocuous Rumor of the Day, director David Slade has expressed interest in having Josh Hartnett take the lead in his DAREDEVIL reboot.  Maybe.

Twitter user: "I hope @DAVID_A_SLADE gets back to Daredevil stuff soon, & I hope, maybe, Josh Hartnett coudl finally get a Marvel role.."

To which Slade replied: "You and me both."

Slade and Hartnett worked together on 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, so this possibility isn't one that has appeared completely out of the blue.  Not to mention the fact that producers are probably looking at every actor under 40 for the role anyway. So this could all just be 1) a case of Slade being cryptic because it's entertaining, 2) Slade agreeing that Hartnett should have a place somewhere in the Marvel Movie Universe, or 3) Slade actually admitting that Hartnett is at the very least on his DAREDEVIL wishlist.  Or, of course, it could also be something else entirely. 

What do you think? Could Hartnett handle it?

Josh Hartnett shirtless

Extra Tidbit: I tend to see Josh Hartnett as the prettier, gentler version of Ethan Hawke.
Source: Twitter



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