Rumor Round-Up: Rosamund Pike as Emma Frost? Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler??

Ready for some conjecture and tenuous speculation? Your Thursday morning wouldn't be complete without it!

First up, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS: According to Forces of Geek, Rosamund Pike may be testing for the role of prominently-breasted mutant Emma Frost. O RLY? Here's Forces of Geek:

"Apparently, Pike (who appeared in Die Another Day, An Education and Pride and Prejudice), who has been a fan favorite for the role, was spotted around Lucinda Syson's offices. Lucinda worked as First Class director Matthew Vaughn's casting director on Kick-Ass and Stardust. And according to our operative, Pike was carrying a copy of this comic with her..."

The comic book this "operative" apparently saw Pike carrying around was this one. True or not, do you feel Pike's right for the role?

Next, BATMAN 3: Entertainment gossip rag Hollywood Life is claiming that a source close to director Christopher Nolan says Levitt is "definitely on the short list" to play The Riddler. YOU DON'T SAY. Here's Hollywood Life:

"Chris really dug Joseph [as an actor]," a source close to the director tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. "There was a joke at first between them [on the set of Inception] that Joseph wanted to read for Batman 3 and things heated up as filming continued."

Adds the insider, "It's not 100% confirmed that he's getting [the role of The Riddler] but there's certainly talk about it. Joseph is definitely on the short list."

While I don't doubt that Levitt and Nolan talked something about Batman while on the set of INCEPTION (you're an actor working with a great director who's last film just made a bajillion dollars... it's probably gonna come up), you gotta wonder how an actor could be on the shortlist of anything when there isn't even a script. But nevertheless, Nolan is loyal to his actors, and Levitt's role in the upcoming INCEPTION is evidently a prominent one. The possibility is certainly there. What are your thoughts?
Extra Tidbit: I love Levitt, but to me he seems a bit too "boy-ish" to be a viable villain for Batman. That said, a Batman film with the Riddler doing a sort of ZODIAC type of thing would definitely work for me.



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