Russell Crowe and a July start date are officially confirmed for Aronofsky's Noah

Darren Aronofsky looks right

Though we already reported that this was pretty much in the bag several weeks ago, it has been absolutely and officially confirmed that Russell Crowe will play the role of Noah for Darren Aronofsky in his upcoming film of the same name.

"I'd like to thank Paramount and Regency for backing my team's work to breathe new life into the biblical epic" said Aronofsky.  "I rejoice that Russell Crowe will be by my side on this adventure. It's his immense talent that helps me to sleep at night. I look forward to being wowed by him every day."

With a release date of March 28th, 2014 on the semi-distant horizon, there's plenty of work to done even before production officially begins in July.  Shooting is planned for New York and Iceland, a beautiful place where another seemingly visionary epic was also partly filmed. 

As you probably NOAH this project first came to life via comic book form, which is from where the art we've been running with our NOAH articles comes, and below you'll find another page from that same comic book.  If the film looks anything like this, I think we'll be in for a real treat.  Wait, can something count as being "beautifully lit" if the warm glow comes from a mass of burning bodies?

Noah comic art

Source: Coming Soon



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