Russell Crowe courted by Deadpool creator to play Cable

With news regarding the casting of Domino swirling around, the casting of Cable has taken a bit of a backseat. Considering that – sadly – Dolph Lundgren probably isn’t a likely candidate, the filmmakers will have to find some other Hollywood tough guy to take the role. Deadpool creator, Robert Liefeld, has perhaps done the work for them, and has reached out to an actor who, if cast, would ensure audiences are indeed thoroughly entertained.

The comic book creator took to Twitter recently and reached out to veteran actor and all-around badass Russell Crowe, suggesting he read for the role of Cable in DEAPOOL 2 and X-FORCE. Thankfully, Mr. Crowe responded:

And if you’re brain isn’t reeling with images of Crowe in the role (which it should be if you’re sane), Liefeld has taken care of that too:

The closest we came to finding an actor to play the part at one point was Kyle Chandler, but nothing has really come of that (nor the rumors around Ron Perlman or Stephen Lang). As for this little exchange with Crowe it shouldn’t be taken as a sign he’s actually going in for the part, especially considering he already has a part in the large DCEU as Superman’s father – Jor El. Though dead, his character is a constant source of guidance for the Man of Steel, and we saw him plenty in MAN OF STEEL. Though we don’t know when or where El will pop up again, Crowe is surely fully committed to the role. But this part would be better...just sayin.

But all that aside, holy [email protected] would this be awesome. Even visually Crowe looks like a great fit for the character, what with his intense demeanor and grizzled appearance just two of the many reasons to hire this talented man. Though known for more serious work the actor showed a natural gift for comedy with last year’s THE NICE GUYS, and I think a similar style of humor could prove a nice juxtaposition to Deadpool’s sense of lunacy. Doubt it will happen, but what a name to enter into everyone’s minds.

Source: Robert Liefeld



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