Kerry Washington responds to Deadpool 2 casting rumors

Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are like two lovers on a tandem bike: they go everywhere together, including the news cycle. But not everything around DEADPOOL 2 involves the actor and his equally sassy character. There's still Domino casting to discuss and though we got a few names who could be cast back in October, so far nothing has come of them. Right now, however, a new name has been floating around regarding who could be in the lead for the gig – Kerry Washington, to be precise. We can’t be certain there’s any validity to the rumors, but the actress has come out with a response of her own.

While talking on the red carpet with Extra, Washington addressed the rumors around her potential casting, and of course, her answer was direct and poised...like a goddamn princess:

I don’t have anything to say about that. Of course I would [want the role], but of course you have to get the right person for whatever role.

Though she doesn't seem to know anymore than we do, Washington’s name can be added to the plethora of other talented actresses whose names have been tossed around to play the character, one who will give the red asshole a run for his money. There’s Lizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sienna Miller, Ruby Rose, Sofia Boutella and Mackenzie Davis, to name a few. Washington is most known for the uber-hit show SCANDAL, but unless you’re a mother with three kids who “just needs some time away from those little monsters” I wouldn’t expect most of you reading to be able to tell me much about that program.

I’ve had Washington on my radar since I saw her alongside Jamie Foxx in RAY, and she has since become a megastar thanks to DJANGO UNCHAINED and SCANDAL. When it comes to comedy (a strong suit of the DEADPOOL franchise) I mostly recall her hosting duties on SNL, which she killed. DEADPOOL would be something wildly different for her, but I think she could balance the badassery and the humor. I would rather see Ruby Rose in the role, but Kerry Washington is Kerry Washington, and Kerry Washington can do anything. ANYTHING!

Source: Extra



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