Ryan Coogler on how Black Panther stands out from other superhero films

Superhero movies may be dominating the landscape now, but soon a fatigue could set in that shows audiences have their limits. The goal is to keep offering unique takes on the genre, telling stories from a different perspective and in interesting styles. Director Ryan Coogler thinks his film, BLACK PANTHER does that, saying the movie’s cultural roots give it an identity.

During a lengthy interview with Fandango, Coogler spoke about how there are so many comic books movies in the world, but that the character of T’Challa and the emphasis on black culture gives the movie its own unique voice:

There have been a lot of superhero movies made. As a comic book and superhero film fan myself, I feel like we've seen a lot at this point. I think that the cultural element of [Black Panther] -- and how cultural specificity takes such a big role in the film – that’s what makes it quite unique. I'm excited to see more [superhero movies], but there hasn't really been a film about a character like T'Challa before.

He continues, giving props to Marvel for always looking for ways of telling new and engaging stories:

Hopefully we can pull it off, but it has the potential to be something that's really unique in a lot of different ways. I think that you can't ignore the idea of representation and also the excitement around Marvel Studios and the work that they've been able to pull off when telling original and unique stories. I think that folks are excited to see what the studio is able to cook up.

Coogler’s thoughts on what will make his movie unique come on the heels of star Lupita Nyong'o’s own analysis on how she thinks PANTHER will subvert superhero movie norms. During a recent interview, she spoke about how much more inclusive this movie is when it comes to its female characters, making them apart of the story in such a huge way and how it will avoid the “expected female-rival narrative.”

BLACK PANTHER has all the action and spectacle we can expect from a Marvel movie, but there's a lot about the film that has a certain freshness. Part of the reason is that emphasis on culture and representation Coogler talked about, and another aspect is the introduction of so many new characters and the nation of Wakanda. Those just a few of the 1,000 reasons why this may be one of the boldest Marvel movies yet.

BLACK PANTHER hits theaters February 16.

Source: Fandango



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