Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford don't run in the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer

Summer has officially ended, but there are still some highly-anticipated blockbusters on the way, and one of the biggest and nearest is BLADE RUNNER 2049. Every piece of footage we’ve gotten thus far for the sequel to the sci-fi masterpiece has been placed under the most powerful of fandom microscopes, and basically, most people have picked their “yay” or “nay” camps. If you’re in the latter group here is the newest trailer for your viewing pleasure, and it’s by far the most action-packed of the bunch. If explosions and future guns don't at least somewhat entice you, then there's nothing I or anyone else can do for you.

We're learning more about the movie bit by bit, but nothing that will ruin the experience of being surprised by the movie when it hits this fall. I think all the action is pretty neat and is being showcased so as to advertise to the mass audience. But director Denis Villeneuve is not the kind of director to simply dish out thrills with no substance, and I think there's going be so much more to this film than just some nifty sci-fi battles. Those action pieces sure are the niftiest of the nifty, though.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright and Jared Leto arrives October 6.

Source: Warner Bros.



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