Sacha Baron Cohen teases new Trump-related project

Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to outrageous, controversial comedy with movies like BORAT, BRUNO, THE DICTATOR and THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY under his belt. What he’ll do next is always a mystery, but yesterday he dropped a big hint that whatever he has in store for us next involves none other than President Donald Trump.

The actor posted a teaser video on his Twitter account yesterday, July 4, showing bits of a video Trump recorded some years ago. The video shows Trump going through his usual motions, insulting Cohen and saying he needs to “learn about being funny,” and that he "doesn't know shit." The video then shows images of Cohen, all before the words “Sacha graduates. Soon.” pop up, followed by the Trump University logo.

The video of Trump was done in 2012 after an incident when Cohen, dressed as his character from THE DICTATOR, spilled the “ashes” of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il on Ryan Seacrest during the Oscars red carpet event. Their beef goes back even further, starting when Trump appeared on Cohen’s DA ALI G SHOW (Trump said in 2012 that he left “immediately,” but Cohen said to James Corden he was there “about seven minutes”). Things got even more heated with the release of GRIMSBY when in the movie Trump gets infected with HIV after being exposed to Daniel Radcliffe’s blood.

So using some context clues from the teaser we can expect whatever new project Cohen has going on will be related to Trump University. Maybe he plays someone who attended the seminars, or maybe it's not a movie at all. Whatever the project is I’m ready for it. Though GRIMSBY was a disappointment I really enjoy his other work, and if he’s spoofing Trump I will very much be there. Clearly, Cohen has no intention of holding back when it comes to Trump, as he literally gave him HIV in his last movie. 



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