Sam Worthington may join Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ten

Sam Worthington is currently in talks to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in David Ayer's action-thriller, TEN. Actually, Worthington is all for being in the film as long as they can see eye to eye on the financials.

The film follows, "an elite DEA task force that robs a dangerous drug cartel under the guise of a tactical raid on one of its safe houses. They think they've gotten away with millions in merch, until team members begin getting bumped off one by one." The script was written by Skip Woods (X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE). The loose adaptation of Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" is said to be a little more "testosterone-heavy" than its novel counterpart. I'd say so.

There was a previous film adaptation released in 1965 starring Hugh O'Brian, Shirley Eaton, and Fabian minus the DEA task force and drug cartel. That story for that film, which is closer to the material, goes like this: "Up to a house high on a mountain top have been invited ten people who are strangers to each other. When they are all gathered, they hear from their host that each one of them has in someway caused the death of an innocent person and that justice had not be served in their cases. There are eight guests and two servants there for the weekend, but one by one, they are being knocked off according to the poem of "Ten Little Indians". As the number of survivors decreases, they begin to believe that the killer is one of the group, but are unable to decide on which one he or she may be."

If you got to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES over the weekend, then you got the chance to see a trailer for Ayer's END OF WATCH with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña in the lead. Ayer also wrote the script for TRAINING DAY and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS.

Extra Tidbit: Opinions of the trailer for END OF WATCH? Some of the camera work made me a little dizzy, but other than that it looks good.
Source: Variety



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