Scorsese/DeNiro again?

After a few decidedly suspicious choices (ANALYZE THAT, MEET THE FOCKERS, HIDE AND SEEK), veteran thespian Robert DeNiro seems back on track with movies like STARDUST, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?, and the much-anticipated decision to reunite with Martin Scorsese.

Apparently Bobby and Marty will get together again for FRANKIE MACHINE, which is, you guessed it, a mob-themed crime thriller. DeNiro had been developing the adaptation of Don Winslow's novel (originally called THE WINTER OF FRANKIE MACHINE) for some time, but now his long-time collaborator will reportedly direct the film, marking their ninth feature together.

The movie (which Scorsese plans to make some time after his Rolling Stones project and/or one of the dozen other things he intends to do with Leonardo DiCaprio) involves the title's retired mob hitman who gets drawn back into the bad business and finds past crimes catching up to him. OCEAN'S 13 writers Brian Koppelman and David Levien adapted the book for DeNiro.
Extra Tidbit: Winslow's crime tale THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z has already been adapted into an upcoming movie with Paul Walker and Laurence "Not Larry Dammit" Fishburne.



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