Scott Cooper exits Warner Bros. adaptation of The Stand

Another one bites the dust…

Should Warner Bros. even continue to attempt an adaptation of Stephen King's THE STAND? First, HARRY POTTER team Steve Kloves and David Yates were going to write and direct then that fell apart. Then Ben Affleck steps in only to leave to make more room for other projects, and now it seems that Scott Cooper is out as director as well.

Insiders close to the project say that Cooper and the studio split over creative differences. Cooper was hired towards the end of August to rewrite the script and direct. The studio should seek a replacement fairly quick as it is high on the priority list.

When Affleck joined, I genuinely thought that this was finally going to get some movement. Then Cooper stepped in, which was fine by me but now he's out. I'm wondering what the studio is wanting for the film. It's not a simple task to adapt something like THE STAND so I can understand why it might be a rather large undertaking.

Which director would be a good fit for the material? Would it better be if it were adapted as a series instead of a film?

Source: The Wrap



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