Second red band trailer for David Gordon Green's The Sitter, that's what's up

Gonna be 100% honest here - I only just watched the first red band trailer for David Gordon Green's upcoming THE SITTER, his follow-up to the unfortunately unfunny YOUR HIGHNESS. And now watching the second red band trailer, it hit me...

Why the f*ck isn't Danny McBride playing the babysitter?

I like Jonah Hill, but I for reason got a major 'Kenny Powers' vibe from Hill's character as written (I think it's how he's interacting with the Hispanic kid), and it made me realize that everything here would be about ten times funnier with McBride in the part. He's just sort of become the master of unlikeable douchebags.

Anyway, my love of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS compels me to see this, but it's hard to really get my enthusiasm up after the failure that was YOUR HIGHNESS. Hrm...

THE SITTER opens December 9th.

Synopsis: Jonah Hill as "The Sitter" is the last person you want watching your kids. But this time, The Sitter has met his match in three manipulative brats. When a shady endeavor he finds himself in goes bad, The Sitter and the malevolent youngsters embark on a wild chase through Manhattan.

Source: IGN



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