Herr Starr, Hitler, and more highlight the Preacher Comic Con panel

Preacher is about to get really f*cked up. Fans of Garth Ennis' brilliant Vertigo comic series were likely left a bit confused by the first season of the show. At the Comic Con panel, producer and director Seth Rogen told audiences that last year was always intended to serve as a prequel to the insanity to come and now the show is finally getting to the stuff that we have been waiting for. In a new trailer, which you can see below, the second half of Preacher's sophomore run will be fully introducing the villainous organization known as The Grail as well as everyone's favorite bad guy, Herr Starr. Played by Pip Torrance, Starr is every bit the maniac you want him to be.

During the panel, which opened with a full New Orleans jazz band playing on stage, Rogen and the cast talked about their roles on the series, but it was the special look at the upcoming episode of Preacher that got everyone excited. In a foul and debaucherous sequence, we will get to see the origin of Starr and how he joined The Grail. This is all new material created specifically for the show but maintains the same tone and dark humor that the comic is known for. I won't spoil it, but expect to see masturbation, head shots, and inquiries about parking validation. It was a very strong clip that made me, a devout Preacher fan, very happy.

Seth Rogen was asked by an audience member if he had any desire to appear on the show. Rogen replied that there is one role he is looking forward to but it would not be this season. Some suggested that Rogen pair himself and friend James Franco as the sexual investigators, but Rogen would not spill any details on which role he had in mind. There was also a lot of talk about Hitler as he and Arseface/Eugene will continue to develop their friendship during their stint in Hell. Rogen reiterated that he is still surprised that AMC lets them get away with some of the things that they have but they continue to push the envelope to realize Preacher as closely to the source material as they can.

Preacher fans may have noticed that the show is not following the narrative structure of the comic but Rogen tried to put everyone at ease by explaining that their goal is to hit the same benchmarks and iconic moments that are in the books but will be taking a different path to get there on screen. While I would have loved a faithful and direct adaptation of the comic, I am so far enjoying season two much more than I did season one. Plus, it is sometimes fun to not know where a story is going to go. Dominic Cooper also teased that we may be getting to see more of his extended family this season but did not go into much more detail than that.

The Preacher panel also showcased Ruth Negga's lack of knowledge surrounding rutabagas and Joe Gilgun's rapid fire and profane mouth. None of the cast were willing to spill the beans on what is coming in the final eight episodes of the second season, but they promised that we will be getting to some memorable moments from the pages of the comic. If the footage shown is any indication, this year is going to end with a bang and the reveal of several more fan favorite characters.

Preacher airs Sundays on AMC.

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