Shanghai Noon sequel coming from Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess

Well, this definitely comes as a surprise. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that not only is there going to be a new SHANGHAI NOON sequel, but also that it will be directed by none other than NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and GENTLEMAN BRONCOS director Jared Hess.

Now, I loved SHANGHAI NOON. The "You said wet shirt don't break, not piss shirt bend bars!" exchange is still something that makes me laugh, even typing it out just now. The film was funny, action-packed, and had a cool, unique "East meets West" aesthetic. But, most importantly, Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan made a great team. Without that chemistry, the film probably wouldn't work (there are a lot of jokes that, as scripted, were groan-worthy that the two leads were able to elevate. Hell, that "piss shirt" scene probably would fall flat with lesser actors). While the first sequel, SHANGHAI KNIGHTS, was a huge disappointment, there is still hope for this third one to bring back the magic.

The real wild card here is Jared Hess. While not a bad director per se (and even has some experience with Western-like iconography in NACHO LIBRE), he's never really done action before. And, more worryingly, his track record post-NAPOLEON  DYNAMITE has been spotty (at best). Here's hoping this could be a comeback of sorts for everyone all around.  

While no release date has been set currently, both Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are being sought by the studio to reprise their roles (because, duh).

Meanwhile, Jared Hess's new movie MASTERMINDS starring Owen WilsonZach Galifianakis, and Kristin Wiig will be released September 30th, 2016 after a long string of delays.

Extra Tidbit: While obviously set in the wild west, SHANGHAI NOON was actually shot in Alberta, Canada.



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