Sharks & sea dragons prepare for battle in new Aquaman image

Jason Statham may have what it takes to punch one giant Megalodon shark in the face, but I’d like to see him take on a whole horde of well trained, Atlantean war sharks  Never have sea creatures looked so heroic as they prepare for battle against an opposing army of other fierce creatures in the new image from AQUAMAN that teases an epic underwater battle.

The image come via EW as part of their big cover story on the movie, and in it, the Atlantean army led by King Orm (Patrick Wilson) is preparing to fight the army of Xebel led by King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren). Check out the image below as well as the initial concept art.

There’s not a lot of detail you can make out in the image, but here’s the breakdown. This battle takes place at The Council of the Kings, which is an area outside Atlantis. The statues in the background depict the original kings of the seven kingdoms Atlantis split into when it sank into the ocean. The Atlantean army is riding great white sharks on the right, and producer Peter Safran says seeing them in action is “so photo-real it blows you away.” King Orm is riding the alligator-like “tylosaur” in center right, with Vulko (Willem Dafoe) riding a hammerhead shark nearby. Then there’s the army of Xebel on the left, with the army riding what are called “sea dragons” which Safran says is their twist on Aquaman riding seahorses in the comic books.

These images come on the heels (fins?) of the other images EW dropped yesterday as part of their coverage, with more and more details about this movie breaching the surface. We here at JoBlo will have our own coverage of the movie to share with you all soon, so be sure to stay tuned for even more AQUAMAN goodies!

AQUAMAN hits theaters December 21.

Source: EW



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