Sharon Stone cast as Linda Lovelace's mother in the Amanda Seyfried-starring biopic Lovelace

When's the last time Sharon Stone was relevant? I'm looking at her IMDb, and though she's been steadily working for years, there's not a single notable project in her recent filmography with the exception maybe of BASIC INSTINCT 2 and some episodes of "Law and Order: S.V.U.". Man, CASINO and her Oscar nomination for that film feels like ages ago.

But perhaps a starring role as Linda Lovelace's mother in LOVELACE will help prop her up again. The Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman-directed biopic is the second and newer of two competing Linda Lovelace biopics, based on the Eric Danville book The Complete Linda Lovelace (the other is INFERNO: A LINDA LOVELACE STORY starring Malin Ackerman). As recently reported, this one stars Amanda Seyfried in the lead role of the infamous DEEP THROAT star and possibly Peter Sarsgaard who was last said to be in negotiations for the part of scumbag pornographer Chuck Traynor, Lovelace's husband who allegedly forced her into the business through acts of extreme abuse and violence.

INFERNO will likely be the first film out of the gate as it has been reportedly shooting since early this year. LOVELACE, however, will begin production in January.



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