Shawn Levy to direct a remake of Starman

Starman Jeff Bridges Karen Allen Shawn Levy remake

In the mid-80's Jeff Bridges took on the lead role in STARMAN, a John Carpenter film which found an extraterrestrial-being paying a visit to Earth after hearing the invitation found on the Voyager 2 space-probe. Naturally, his space-craft is shot down and he's forced to craft a human body for himself, which turns out to be the recently deceased husband of Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen). With "Starman" set to rendezvous with his people in three days time, he forces the widow to accompany him across the country, all while being chased by U.S. government agents. Romance inevitably blossoms because a glowing alien in the body of your dead husband isn't the least bit strange.

STARMAN is considered to be a sci-fi classic, so obviously it's getting the remake treatment. THR reports that Shawn Levy (REAL STEEL) is on-board to produce and direct a remake of STARMAN for Columbia Pictures. Arash Amel (GRACE OF MONACO) will be providing the script and Michael Douglas, who produced the original, will produce alongside Shawn Levy. Given that Levy is most well known for the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM franchise, it's possible that his involvement is an indicator at the tone Columbia is going for with this remake.

Who would you like to see cast in Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen's roles?

Source: THR



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