Showtime's Twin Peaks sequel series releases a new boastful teaser trailer


While I'm having pie withdrawals, I thought about the legacy of my time at TWIN PEAKS. It's sometimes easy to forget how new and different it all was. Living and working in TWIN PEAKS was like nothing people had really experienced before. I mean, it was certainly scary at times, and very surreal as well. But it was also really funny and human. I don't regret my time there at all, and am excited to be going back.

But thinking about that, it also reminded me of how things have changed in the interim, and how influential the documentation of TWIN PEAKS was for the outside world:

However, no matter how influential TWIN PEAKS was for the world and pop-culture, the thing I miss most are those damn fine pies. I know you are getting sick of me mentioning them all the time, Diane, but if you could eat one for yourself, you'd understand. No one understands!

Anyway, I'll be back in TWIN PEAKS May 21st, 2017.

Over and out.

Extra Tidbit: TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME features a cameo by none other than David Bowie.
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