Simon Pegg doesn't think Tarantino's Star Trek will be Rated-R after all

According to Simon Pegg, who stars as Scotty in the rebooted STAR TREK franchise, those who are hoping that Quentin Tarantino's planned movie for the series will be Rated-R could be in for some disappointment, as the SHAUN OF THE DEAD star believes it is unlikely to happen.

While speaking with Hey U Guys from the red carpet of the Empire Awards, Pegg was asked if he had heard anything in regard to Tarantino's idea for a STAR TREK film calling for an R-rating. Pegg quickly responded by saying: 

“I don’t think he’s written an R-rated Star Trek script,” Pegg says. “I think what happened is he went to JJ with an idea that he has had for a while. I remember he told us about it a long time ago. I think he told me and Edgar [Wright] about it a long time ago. He just put it to JJ and JJ is considering putting it into a writing room. We got an email just saying ‘Guess who came into the office the other day!’ So, I don’t know much about it, other than the fact that it is sort of in the mix. So, we will see.”

While I've no doubt that Tarantino can dream up one hell of an R-rated STAR TREK film, I just don't see it happening. At the very least, we know now that Abrams has already assembled a team to develop Tarantino's idea, and that Mark L. Smith (THE REVENANT) has signed on to pen the screenplay. So for now, all we can do is speculate, and wait for more details.

Would you like to see an R-rated Star Trek film? Does the idea of Tarantino spearheading a project such as this have you feeling excited? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Hey U Guys



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