Smart joins Mirrors

I'm no fan of horror movies, so Alexandre Aja's MIRRORS is merely a blip on my radar. However, I am a fan of Amy Smart (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT) and her all-round hotness, so it pleases me to report that she's joined the cast of this flick, which already includes Keifer Sutherland (24) and Paula Patton (DEJA VU). The film follows a security guard at a high-end department store who happens upon a series of mysterious deaths which happen to occur in front of the store's mirrors. Cool? Not in my book, but hey, this is Jack Bauer and the chick that let Jason Statham nail her in the middle of Chinatown. I don't really feel I'm in any place to be disrespectful.

Aja was the fella behind HAUTE TENSION (alternatively known as SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE or HIGH TENSION). His next step was the very mediocre THE HILLS HAVE EYES, so hopefully this will be a little better. There's no word on which role Smart will be playing. Hopefully it's a young woman who happens to be in a very graphic relationship with the character that Paula Patton is playing.
Extra Tidbit: In one of the hottest rooms of all time, Smart used to live with HEROES star Ali Larter.



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