So how about those Green Lantern sequels now?

GREEN LANTERN may have won the weekend box office, but the thing is a critical disaster, reaching only a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes. I didn't think it was great by any means, but was it really that far a cry from the 77% rated THOR?

I thought that film did some things better (Asgard and the costumes were stunning) but GREEN LANTERN's Reynolds and Lively's characters seemed more dimensional to me than THOR's Hemsworth and Portman. But that's a debate for the comment section, as the question now remains, despite the critical destruction, will there be more LANTERN films on the horizon?

While the movie was still filming, we heard plans about a trilogy, and the end of this movie certainly leads into a sequel. DC writer and CCO Geoff Johns recently spoke to Fast Company, and says he expects not only more LANTERN films, but MANY more.

"There are definitely plans for more Green Lantern films. I would hope it's more than a trilogy. I think Green Lantern has a lot of movies in it, a lot of stories to tell."

Despite being one of the worst reviewed superhero films since CATWOMAN or ELEKTRA (for reference, both HULK movies were 60%+), the real test comes with how much money the film makes worldwide. And if something like GI JOE can manage a sequel, I have to imagine that GREEN LANTERN will be getting at least one as well.

Could they make things better for future installments? Did you hate it as much as the critics?

Extra Tidbit: I thought the CGI was hit or miss. I didn't mind the costume, but Parallax looked ridiculous.
Source: Fast Company



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