Sonic the Hedgehog movie back on as project moves from Sony to Paramount

Tim Miller Sonic the Hedgehog Paramount Pictures

Last October, it was announced that Tim Miller (DEADPOOL) would be developing a SONIC THE HEDGEHOG movie for Sony Pictures. Miller would be executive producing the project with his Blur Studio collaborator Jeff Fowler making his feature directorial debut on the film. Unfortunately, it seemed that development on the flick didn't proceed as smoothly as planned and the studio later put the project into turnaround, leaving Paramount Pictures free to step in and snag the rights.

Per THR, Paramount Pictures will be giving the speedy hedgehog a second chance, and much of the creative team who were developing the movie over at Sony are still with the project. My experience with Sonic the Hedgehog pretty much begins and ends with the first Sega Genesis game; as I recall, I sucked at anything beyond the first few stages, but I always had a blast playing it. Would Sonic the Hedgehog make for a compelling film? I'll leave that up to those of you who know more about the character and his colourful assortment of friends and enemies than I. Paramount Pictures plans on making the film into a live-action/animated hybrid which will see Sonic on the big-screen for the first time.

Crafting the perfect video-game movie has proven to be quite difficult, with recent films such as WARCRAFT and ASSASSIN'S CREED attempting and failing to break the so-called "video-game curse." Will the blue speedster have what it takes to come out on top? Somehow, I doubt it.

Source: THR



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