Spoilers: Details on the mid-credits scene for Thor: The Dark World from director Alan Taylor

I have some information on the mid-credits scene that will appear in THOR: THE DARK WORLD, including which upcoming Marvel film it teases and who directed it. Here's a hint: director Alan Taylor wasn't behind the camera for the scene. In case you missed the headline, there are spoilers and if you want to avoid them, do not scroll past the image of Thor below.

So Bleeding Cool asked Alan Taylor if he filmed the mid-credits scene for THOR: THE DARK WORLD, and he responded by saying, "I absolutely did not. I am very happy to not take responsibility." Very happy not to take responsibility? That doesn't sound good. The interview continues with the site asking Taylor if James Gunn directed it, and it's pretty obvious that Alan Taylor isn't pleased with the scene in his movie.

Bleeding Cool: So was that James Gunn?

Alan Taylor: I wouldn’t blame it on James Gunn.

BC: Blame?

AT: Er… I wouldn’t attribute it to James Gunn… it’s clearly his sets and his characters…

BC: So you’re not quite comfortable with it?

AT: I am very happy not to take responsibility for that…

BC: It’s a different tone for sure, huh?

AT: It’s a different tone. I would have shot it differently. But I think it’s cool that it reaches out and touches that other universe. That universe is coming. The Guardians universe is really cool and wacky… but that sequence in the credits, I would say, is the only part of the movie where I’m happy to give the credit away…

Bleeding Cool also talked to Kevin Feige, and he confirmed that James Gunn did direct the mid-credits scene, and it was filmed "within the last three to four weeks."

This isn't the first time Alan Taylor and Marvel have clashed, and I'd be surprised if Marvel brought him back for a sequel. But based on Alan Taylor's comments to Bleeding Cool, I'm not sure if he'd want another job if it was offered. It sounds like he's frustrated with the studio and the situation, and hopefully the issues the two sides have had with each other won't have a negative impact on THOR: THE DARK WORLD.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Christopher Eccleston, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Rene Russo, and Kat Dennings opens on November 8, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Besides working on Game of Thrones, Alan Taylor has also directed episodes of Six Feet Under, Mad Men and Deadwood.
Source: Bleeding Cool



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