Steve Carell to be Raised by Wolfs

In case you haven't heard, Steve Carell is leaving The Office after this year. This would be sad, had The Office continued to be good past season three. I kid, I kid. Well, sort of, while there have been some worthwhile episodes in the last few years, the series is far from the show I used to look forward to each and every week. I blame Jim and Pam. Who thought that three years was long enough to drag that tension out?

Anyway, once Carell leaves, he’ll have more time to be a movie star. His latest, DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS may look like complete shit (in my opinion at least), but he’s already lining up a new project after that. It’s an original comedy pitch called RAISED BY WOLFS from writer Les Firestein, who has written nothing you’ve probably ever seen outside of 53 episodes of In Living Color. The plot is under wraps, but it’s stated that the misspelling in the title is due to the character’s last name, rather than the writer being a moron.

I don’t know, I’m a big fan of Carell’s work on The Office and of course his breakout film role THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN and his dramatic(ish) turn in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, but EVAN ALMIGHTY, GET SMART and DATE NIGHT have all failed to impress me, and it doesn’t look like SCHMUCKS will either. He seems to doing well with animated voicing in OVER THE HEDGE, HORTON HEARS A WHO and recently DESPICABLE ME, but how hard is that, really?

But I’m pulling for Steve Carell to succeed, as I’ve been following him since The Daily Show and think he deserves his newfound fame. Hopefully WOLFS will do his talents proud.

Extra Tidbit: I heard DAN IN REAL LIFE was pretty good.
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