Strange Wilderness trailer

Fred Wolf wrote BLACK SHEEP, DIRTY WORK, DICKIE ROBERTS: CHILD STAR, JOE DIRT, and WITHOUT A PADDLE. Now he’s directed a movie called STRANGE WILDERNESS, which looks like he took a Judd Apatow film, a Broken Lizards film, and an Adam Sandler film, ripped them apart, and then sewed them back together to create some demented monster, except less funny. But now I’m breaking my own rule about not judging comedies based on their trailers. And since I broke a rule, I must leave now and get slapped across the face by my father. He breaks the blood vessels in my cheeks. STRANGE WILDERNESS is about the crew of a nature show who go in search of bigfoot in order to save their show. It was produced by Happy Madison (Adam Sandler’s shingle) and stars Justin Long, Steve Zahn, Jonah Hill, and Kevin Heffernan (Farva from SUPER TROOPERS). It opens on February 1st and you can check the trailer out HERE. I’m off to get the shit slapped out of me by my father.
Extra Tidbit: How awful is that shark bit at the end? My goodness.
Source: Apple trailers



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