Stream Michael Giacchino's full Jurassic World score online for free

Nothing will ever quite compare to the immortal John Williams and what he has brought to cinema. His sweeping scores and musical accompaniment have become as integral to the films they are featured in as some of the actors on screen. So, having JURASSIC WORLD with a different composer feels a little wrong. While Don Davis did his best with JURASSIC PARK III, JURASSIC WORLD is harkening back to Steven Spielberg's original movie and needs an equally epic score.

If there is any composer up for the challenge, it is Michael Giacchino. Long associated with J.J. Abrams, Giacchino's work has become an example for how sweeping musical scores can and should be. The Oscar-winner will bring his talents to Colin Trevorrow's sequel this weekend and you can take a listen to the full score right now via Spotify.

Like his work on SUPER 8 and STAR TREK, Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD score is appropriate for the film and imbues a sense of wonder, dread, and adventure all at the same time. I wouldn't compare it to John Williams, but it definitely can hold it's own against the iconic JURASSIC PARK overture. If anything, hearing this just makes me want to see the movie even more.

JURASSIC WORLD opens this Friday.

Source: Spotify



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