Street Kings clips

Even though I still don't really buy Keanu Reeves as a crooked cop, or like that title, STREET KINGS is looking great. IGN got their hands on a red band trailer that you can check out over HERE. There is also a new R-rated clip, that you can hit up on the same page. What's in it, you ask? Well it's kind of like MOULIN ROUGE, only instead of Ewan McGregor it is Keanu Reeves, and instead of Nicole Kidman it's shooting, and instead of singing there is shooting, and instead of talking there is shooting, and instead of walking there is shooting, and instead of breathing there is shooting. The one guy gets shot while he's dropping a deuce! Still, this film looks great. Although I think there might be a SPOILER in the second clip I mentioned, so watch that at your own risk, I guess. STREET KINGS co-stars Forest Whitaker, Chris Evans, Common and Hugh Laurie.
Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one that's ready for the David Ayer romantic comedy?
Source: IGN



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