Sullivan Stapleton and Daniel Day-Lewis are on the Star Wars: Episode VII casting radar

As we continue to cling to each and every casting rumor related to STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, two more have cropped up today. The first seems to be the one with the most truth behind it as Latino Review has learned that Sullivan Stapleton (Cinemax's STRIKE BACK and the upcoming 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE) has read for a part in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. In fact, it seems that Stapleton was talking to people about auditioning for the film which has pissed off Disney and Lucasfilm executives. Does that doom his chances of appearing in the movie? That remains to be seen.

Stapleton has the good looks and acting ability to make a good addition to the STAR WARS: EPISODE VII cast, plus he is anonymous enough that he would not detract from the story. The other rumored actor would definitely overshadow the rest of the cast if the stories turn out to be true.

Lunch doesn't mean that he has a part, but why meet with Lucasfilm if not for STAR WARS? Granted, I would think J.J. Abrams would have been there if it was EPISODE VII related, but now we have to wonder if there is something else being planned outside of the new trilogy that Daniel Day-Lewis may be a fit for.

We are only months away from production beginning on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII so hopefully a formal announcement will come soon. STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will hit theaters sometime in 2015.

Source: Latino Review



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