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With Leatherface and his clan recently packing up and moving from Platinum Dunes to SAW-makers Twisted Pictures, it's a sure thing that the next TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE will be markedly different from the last two movies.

But how so? STYD caught up with Twisted producer Mark Burg, who elucidates thusly: "What we're going to do with it is bring it to 2010. Make it current day and come up with a new story that takes some of the basic plot points, if you will, and make it a current day movie. I don't want to make another CHAINSAW in the '70s, that doesn't thrill me."

So wait, it's a completely new Leatherface, brought into the new century? A rural boy heading to the big city? "It's a 'what if?'" Burg explains. "It's 35 years later, there's a relative going back. Why is he going back? I don't want to set it in a dusty town. How do we make it more urban but keep that feel. There will be some relatives, some new people. There's still the subtext of 'are they eating these people?' The whole idea of cannibalism, we're bringing it back."

On top of that, the cannibalism and killing will be in 3-D. The script is still being written, but apparently directors are already raising their hands and volunteering to be the latest CHAINSAW mechanics. How you feel about all that?

Extra Tidbit: One thing the next CHAINSAW will be sorely lacking: the "talents" of the first remake's star Jessica Biel. Sigh...
Source: STYD



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