That was fast - Jon Stewart un-retires into exclusive deal with HBO

So much for kicking back and taking it easy on a farm in the middle of New Jersey... Jon Stewart is getting back to work.

Fresh off his retirement from Comedy Central's THE DAILY SHOW earlier this year, the comedian has inked a four-year production deal with HBO that includes a first-look option for other film and TV ventures. Now this does not mean that Stewart will be returning to the airwaves full-time as there are no plans to launch a nightly or even weekly series based around his comedy.

However, the first project he will be embarking on is producing short-form digitial content that would allow him to comment, remark and opine on current events. With OTOY Inc. in his corner, Stewart is working to develop new technology that would allow siuch content to be refreshed on HBO NOW multiple times throughout the day. Essentially you can get running live Jon Stewart commentary about anything and everything as often as he feels the need to say something.

You can't keep the good ones out of action for long, and, with the way the Presidential campaigns have been shaping up, I have to imagine Stewart has been itching to get back out there in some respects. The jokes write themselves. It'll be nice to see Stewart embracing the digital way in which we consume our content these days, and I look forward to seeing the format these "shorts" end up taking.

P.S. Thanks, Donald Trump. We all know you had a lot to do with this.

Source: HBO
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