The 2011 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet!

After four years of covering the MTV Movie Awards, JoBlo.com once again returned only to find ourselves deep in the midst over one-hundred journalists and photographers, all hoping to get a word or two with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. After all, the only movie winning this award lately is anything TWILIGHT. We didn’t however get a word in with Kristen or Rob. Actually, we didn’t really get a whole hell of a lot.

When we were presented our passes to head over to the red carpet, the number we were given is 119. To put that into perspective, it’s nearly the very end of the magic carpet ride. By the time some of the bigger names headed our way they were rushed in by the publicist and not allowed to talk to the eager press waiting for their morsel of interview time. Mostly, all you would hear is the repeating of the on-coming celebrities’ name. At one point, one of the publicist working the event told us not to worry, we’d get to see all the stars when they walked by… apparently she has no idea what our job is as we are not there to simply to catch a glimpse of a heartthrob or a hottie. Shockingly, we are hoping to get in a question or two!

For Rusty and me, lost in the mass of cameras, Twilight fan mags and fellow journos, things were looking terribly dire. We’ve learned from experience that we would be lucky to get anybody to stop and chat other than a bunch of MTV stars, most of which I’d never heard of. Frankly, they were nice people, but for every dance troupe or reality diva, it would’ve been nice to get somebody suited for the JoBlo audience. Yet we were given a small bit of hope when we found out who would be standing in line next to us.

The saving grace of the evening was the fact that we would be spending the next couple of hours with the sexy Tila Tequila who was playing journo for the day. Let’s just say that it made much of the madness that goes into this kind of experience seem sort of groovy in the end. She was absolutely beautiful, and it was a pleasure rockin’ the red carpet together.

Aside from the lovely Tila, the biggest highlight was shaking hands with Foo Fighters front-man Dave Grohl. He quickly crossed over to us upon taking a gander at the JimmyO signature hat, and his comment after that made my day. Let’s just say I’m a fan of Pantera so it is definitely a compliment that he gave (you can see what he said in the video below). Other highlights included my man Billy Burke from THE TWILIGHT SAGA – Billy is a fantastic musician which is mainly what we talked about. And of course Ryan Lee from SUPER 8 was very nice and he’s pretty damn good in the movie which opens this Friday.

We also chatted with Craig Brewer (BLACK SNAKE MOAN, HUSTLE AND FLOW) about his latest, FOOTLOOSE. He gave us the lowdown on the “angry dance” scene that will this time feature a song from one of my favorite bands, The White Stripes. Brewer is a class act and I’m curious to see what his take on the Kevin Bacon musical will be like.

We also talked to a number of other folks that were kind enough to say hello and chat about the awards and whatever else came up. Of course, being next to Tila, we had plenty of time for talk about boobies, hotties and other things that make us smile. Even Steve-O (JACKASS 3) stopped by to show Ms. Tequila some love. Thank you Tila for making our time on the carpet better than it should have been. As far as the award show itself, what are your thoughts, should we just give the golden popcorn away to BREAKING DAWN now?

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