The Galaga animated series is getting its own interactive experience

First and foremost, no, this is not a follow-up to Chris Columbus' PIXELS. Now that we've all breathed a collective sigh of relief, let us press on. Deadline Hollywood reports that alongside the planned Galaga animated series that is currently in development, The Nuttery Entertainment and creatives at Meow Wolf (such an amazing company name) will launch a fully interactive experience for fans of the top-down shooter to enjoy.

Word of the adaptation of the Bandai Namco cult classic video game title Galaga Chronicles was first announced earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con. According to Deadline's report, the interactive experience presented by both The Nuttery Entertainment and Meow Wolf will combine animated materials from the series with physial exhibitions, merchandise, live media, and a new, annual gaming competition series called "Score Wars" that will all launch with Galaga World Championship in Santa Fe, New Mexico on March 29, 2018.

The forthcoming animated series based on the Galaga property will be titled Galaga Chronicles l Revolution Age, and will be presented in the style of a Japanese anime a la Netflix's VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER or CASTLEVANIA.

In talking about the Galaga initiative, Vince Kadlubek, Meow Wolf CEO stated “Meow Wolf’s work with The Nuttery to evolve classic ’80s arcade magic into 21st-century vision and experience is huge news for gamers old and new." Kadlubek then added, "There’s been a lot of exciting productions in this area in recent years, but Galaga Chronicles will set a new standard.”

Wouldn't it be sick if the animated series turned out to be something akin to a teen-friendly version of STARSHIP TROOPERS paired with elements of the classic arcade game? Think about it; space marines pitted against an insectoid alien race in a battle to the death for galaxy-wide supremacy. I can totally envision something like that set to the art style and tone of a show like VOLTRON (or a myriad of other anime series, really). With any luck, it won't be long now before we get a good look at what Galaga Chronicles has in store for us, as well as how the interactive experience will add to the appeal of the rebooted nostalgia property's resurgence.  



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