The Artist star's racy Les Infideles posters draw complaints- in France??

Jean Dujardin has received a lot of attention over here in the States because of his role in THE ARTIST, but he's currently receiving a lot of attention in his homeland of France because of his latest film's marketing campaign. LES INFIDELES is a film made up of a bunch of sketches from different directors about male infidelity, and thus the posters are fairly sexually explicit, including a couple where he appears to be getting head from a woman. In each he's making an excuse for getting off of the phone- in the above poster he's saying he's going to lose reception because he's going into a tunnel.

France is certainly not the place you'd expect people concerned about sexuality, but the ads are going to be pulled because of all the complaints they're receiving. Even though they've only just come in, advertising regulator ARPP has told the billboard owners to take them down.

Other posters that have been censored in France included the Serge Gainsbourg biopic GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE, which shocked passersby by the depiction of the subject actually smoking a cigarette in the smoke-free city, and a poster for UNDERWORLD which was pulled because some idiot said that Kate Beckinsale carrying guns would promote violence.

It's always amazing to me how a few morally uptight individuals can ruin things for everyone else. Enjoy the posters.

Source: THRIMP Awards



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