The Con Air reunion you've been waiting for as Nic Cage and John Cusack reteam for thriller

OK, so no one is really waiting for a CON AIR reunion but that isn't stopping stars Nic Cage and John Cusack from working together for a second time. The two stars are in talks to star in THE FROZEN GROUND, a crime-drama set in Alaska and based on the true story of the state's most notorious serial killer.

If you've already suspected that Cage would be playing the bonkers serial killer, you're actually wrong. Cusack would play the unassuming killer who played the quiet family man during the day while going out and torturing prostitutes at night. Cage would play the Alaska Highway Patrolman who is tracking down the killer.

The film is being set up independently but looks as if it might end up at Lionsgate, where many of producer Emmett Furla's films land. FROZEN would mark the directorial debut of Scott Walker who's best known for...well, nothing. Walker doesn't have an agent or a manager and it's unclear exactly how he got this gig. (The only Scott Walker with a writing credit on his IMDB was best known for "An Idiot's Guide To..." books on dogs so...)

Source: Deadline



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