The first photos of Dwayne Johnson in Rampage smash their way online

It's finally happening, nostalgic game fans, USA Today has unveiled the first photos of Dwayne Johnson as primatologist Davis Okoye for Brad Peyton's RAMPAGE!

Based on the 1980s classic smash-em-up Bally Midway action arcade game, RAMPAGE tells the tale of what happens when Okoye's 7-foot-tall, 500-pound rare albino silverback gorilla named George comes into contact with an experimental serum gone wrong. After swallowing the unstable liquid, George and other creatures begin to grow to kaiju-sized proportions and carve a path of destruction through a bustling city.

Starring in the new action thrill ride alongside side Johnson will be Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jake Lacy, Joe Manganiello and Jeffrey Dean Morgan; as well as P.J. Byrne, Marley Shelton, Breanne Hill, Jack Quaid, and Matt Gerald to fill out the remainder of the film's cast.

You can chek out the new photos below:


“Like with anything that powerful, you have to really be careful that you’re utilizing it wisely and not for the wrong reasons,” Johnson warns in regard to the massive monsters now terrorizing the city as a result of the experimental serum. Johnson also states that his character's philosophy when it comes to getting along with animals is as follows, “When animals like you, they lick you. When they don’t like you, they eat you. That’s his philosophy, which has gotten him far in life,” says Johnson.

And hey, if giant gorillas aren't your thing, don't worry, this movie has got a few other fantastic beasts that might pique your fancy. Joining George in the art of citywide destruction will be a 30-foot-tall wolf named Ralph, and Lizzie, a crocodile the size of a damn football field! Playing the role of all three colossal beasts will be Jason Liles courtesy of the WETA Digital effects house.

When comparing RAMPAGE to Peyton's other action blockbuster SAN ANDREAS, Johnson stated that, “you have to ratchet up the dial 10 times with Rampage,” Johnson says. “These monsters are relentless, and audiences are going to find that ride very exhilarating. As an actor in the movie, it’s fun and daunting. It’s 12- to 14-hour days of survival, and it’s not quiet survival either.”

As a part of USA Today's coverage, Johnson also told the outlet what his experience with the game was like while growing up in Hawaii. “When I was a young teenager spending way too much time at pool halls, especially when school was actually in session. Even when I was a kid, when you watch these movies everyone is looking up at something and terrified,” Johnson says. “As a character, I loved that position where I’m looking up and there’s nothing you can do but try to survive these three gigantic mutated monsters.”

Lastly, Johnson spoke about his time with the folks over at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund as well as the experts at the Atlantic Zoo who helped the actor to understand the energy, psychology, and behavior of the silverback gorilla. “That was really eye-opening for me in terms of how dangerously close we are to having these beautiful animals extinct,” says Johnson, who eagerly adopted a baby silverback at the zoo. “There is a much greater level of empathy and care and consideration that we have to have. I was an animal lover before, but after this my love has become boundless.”

Oh wow! RAMPAGE will come stomping into theaters on April 20, 2018. I know what I'll be doing, and where I'll be on that day of days. Be on the look out for the official RAMPAGE trailer this coming Thursday!

Source: USA Today



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