The first trailer for Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond is here!

Justin Lin worked wonders for the FAST & FURIOUS franchise and now Paramount is hoping to bring some of that magic over to STAR TREK BEYOND. Trekkies and Trekkers alike have had a few complaints over J.J. Abrams' more action-oriented take on the franchise, and if you fall into that camp, you might not like what you find in this first trailer. So who's tired of seeing the Enterprise in top condition?!?


Whoever cut this trailer together seemed more concerned about throwing big action and stunts on the screen rather than what the hell is actually going on story-wise. Fans have been clamoring for something more in-line with what the original series was about and while I believe that Simon Pegg and Doug Jung have incorporated some of that wonder into their screenplay, none of it is on display here. With that said, I still think this is a great ensemble cast and I'm willing to bet given Lin's filmography, audiences will have some fun with this one.

STAR TREK BEYOND will warp into theaters on July 22, 2016.



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