The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat: The Walking Dead!

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, it's time for the return of The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat! This week's chat is going to be a bit different than any we've done before, however I think people will like the change of pace. This week we aren't talking about a movie. Instead, we will be discussing one of the best shows on television and it's return this Sunday. I honestly can't think of a better show to talk about than AMC's The Walking Dead!

For the past year, yours truly has been hosting The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat every Sunday night at 7pm EST. We've chatted about many awesome flicks such as Shaun of the Dead, George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, The Shining and Halloween. It's a great chance to talk about the movies we all love with your fellow schmoes. Opinions will be shared. Thoughts will be provoked. Plenty of laughs will be had by all!

All you need to do is head to OUR CHATROOM at 7pm EST and make sure to log in with your MFC username and password. You are encouraged to bring up comments or questions about the movie at hand, or feel free to just hang out and and see what everyone else is chatting about. The regulars are extremely friendly people that will definitely make you feel welcome. And believe me, they are very, very cool schmoes.

And please remember this. Be respectful of others and their opinions during the chat. It's great to have multiple opinions of movies in the chat. I love that. What I don't love is for people to be insulted or badmouthed about their opinions. Directly insulting someone and/or trolling people will not be put up with.

I know what you're thinking. The Walking Dead isn't a movie. Well, you got me there. Here's the thing though. Very, very few shows have the production values of a movie the way The Walking Dead does. The work of Greg Nicotero alone is movie worthy, let alone the cast, the direction and the set design. There is also the fact that The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat debuted the same night as the Season 2 premiere. From that night on, whenever The Walking Dead has been on we've ended the chat so everyone could go watch it. So I guess you could say that the two have a bond.

Most importantly, who ISN'T excited for the return of The Walking Dead? I know I'm not the only Schmoe that can't wait! So join us this Sunday at 7pm EST as we buck tradition and build up our excitement for The Walking Dead with The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat!

Extra Tidbit: Don't worry. Next week we go back to chatting about movies.



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