The Martian author Andy Weir developing new movie with Ridley Scott and Fox

Audiences really enjoyed Ridley Scott's take on THE MARTIAN, and while this comes as no great surprise, the book is actually better. That's due, in no small part, to the literary stylings of Andy Weir. Weir crafted a book that was not only easy to comprehend (despite some intense science-ing), but also really relatable and funny. Fans of the book will find the following news welcome, as it's been announced that Weir is developing a new film at 20th Century Fox with Ridley Scott producing.

There have been no details released about the story but Weir has been hired on to write the screenplay this time around (you may recall Drew Goddard actually took on screenplay duties for THE MARTIAN). Given Weir's penchant to actually do his homework, this film's story could really go in any direction. What I think we can expect is some decent logic and a lot of fun, so as far as I'm concerned, he could write a film about a call center representative and I'd probably be first in line to see it.

Source: Variety



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