The Russo brothers signal the start of production on Avengers: Infinity War

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I feel like we say this every year, but the largest comic book film EVER is starting production! Only this time, we mean it! Directors Joe and Anthony Russo took to their Facebook account yesterday to signal the start of production on AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR in Atlanta, GA. The shoot is said to last 6 months and encompass not only INFINITY WAR, but also its sequel. You can check out the very tiny bit they had to say about it below, along with the image they included.

Day #1 of Infinity.

There's nothing like a line of trailers to get you excited for a big-budget movie, eh? It's a common sight to see on your standard set-visit, but the exciting part is guessing who is in those trailers. Well, right off the bat we know a couple of people who are there. The goodly folks over at MovieWeb did some homework, which included the following two tweets from some familiar Marvel cast. Check it out!

The Russos delivered a hell of a film with WINTER SOLDIER, and followed it up with a fun romp in CIVIL WAR. At this point, I don't think any Marvel fan is doubting what they're capable of. Here's hoping that the story lives up to what Marvel has been teasing us with for nearly a decade! Godspeed, Russos!

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is scheduled to open in theaters on May 4, 2018.

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