The skull is on parade in new Punisher set photos

With THE PUNISHER series officially wrapping production we’re soon going to be getting some official promo shots, perhaps a teaser as well. But what every comic fan is itching to see is Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) sporting that awesome skull on his chest, the everlasting symbol of the vigilante, like the bat for Batman or a fake nose for an aspiring clown. Thanks to some shutterbugs we now have a great look at how the costume will look in the series, with that skull looking pearly white and bullet-riddled:

We got a look at the skull somewhat in DAREDEVIL season 2, but I think it's going to be on full display in his solo show. The costume has gone through several iterations in the comics, but in this new age of keeping everything grounded the costumes for characters like Daredevil look like painted-up body armor. It all looks cool and makes sense given the tone of it all, but hopefully in the future they can get some upgraded gear that has a bit more style to it. For this though I’d say Punisher is looking pretty cool, and that skull will surely strike fear into the heart of his enemies. It’s sure done it me, and I consider myself, at best, a frenemy.  

THE PUNISHER will debut on Netflix sometime this year.

Source: Twitter



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