Theron, Edgerton & Oyelowo lead red band Gringo trailer

The war on drugs has caused a lot of problems in our society, but I would argue that an even greater amount of goofy, high-stakes and amusing shenanigans have come out of the whole ordeal. The new movie from Nash Edgerton, GRINGO, can now be added to the pantheon of drug-related comedy adventures, with Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron sending David Oyelowo to deal with some business in Mexico relating to a special “weed pill”. He is soon wrapped up in all sorts of problems as he comes into contact Sharlto Copley’s tracker-operative person and the lovely Amanda Seyfried. You can catch all the R-rated hijinks and mishaps above, and by the end, you will have gotten your daily fix of Theron-F-bombs. 

The movie looks like a relatively fun distraction. The cast is terrific for something like this, with Joel stepping up for his brother Nash for his big directorial effort. The rest of the cast including Theron, Oyelowo, Copley, and Seyfried all look like their having a ball in the film, and it doesn't look like something to be taken all too seriously.  A fun rental on a night when there's little else to do and you want to see trained thespians scream profanities and shoot at each other.

GRINGO arrives March 9, 2018.

Source: Amazon Studios



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