Hardy to fight Pine early- This Means War bumped up to Valentine's Day

Twentieth Century Fox just announced that they're moving their upcoming release THIS MEANS WAR by three days, launching it on a rare Tuesday. The reason? This particular Tuesday is February 14th, Valentine's Day, and they think that they can get money from people going on dates.

The film stars Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as spies in a love triangle with Reese Witherspoon, and has been apparently getting great word of mouth from its test screenings. It certainly seems like the kind of mindless film that will play well to couples that celebrate a holiday created by a greeting card company.

“Starting Valentine's Day, we're making WAR, not love. We’re armed and ready with the perfect movie. This is a picture that that has it all – humor, charm, wit and action – and it plays through the roof. ” says Bruce Snyder, president of domestic distribution, rubbing his hands together and dreaming of all that sweet, sweet cash.

I suppose you could do worse if you're dragged to a movie by your date. Check the trailer for the film out below.



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