Thor director?

Apparently, Matthew Vaughan is in negotiations to direct the classic Marvel property, THOR. I don't know how true this is, so treat this as nothing more than interesting rumor at this point, but still, let's discuss the possibility, shall we? I like LAYER CAKE (Vaughan's directorial debut), but I like SNATCH and LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELLS better, and I remember after the release of REVOLVER, lots of people declaring that its failure was proof that Vaughan was the real creative force behind both of Guy Ritchie's super successes. I still don't want to believe that. I appreciate REVOLVER for what it tried to be, I just think it was too clever for its own good. If it was all Vaughan though, then more power to you, pal. As I'm sure you know, he was at one point attached to direct X-3, but dropped out fairly late on (so someone really thinks he would be good for comic-adaptations). It may also hurt to remember that he was the one responsible for the casting of Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut, which I can't see as anything but a complete failure. Vaughan's upcoming flick STARDUST looks pretty cool though, and is enough for me to think that he could do THOR some justice. But what do you guys think?
Extra Tidbit: THOR is set for a 2009 release.
Source: Moviehole



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