UPDATE: Those self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future Part II are finally a reality?

UPDATE - Nike officially announced the Nike Air Mag today with a just launched commercial for the BACK TO THE FUTURE kicks. The bad part? They don't actually self-lace. The sneakers feature rechargeable LED lights and are billed as an "exact replica" of the ones in the movie, but don't feature any futuristic technology. The sneakers will be limited to 1,500 in quantity and will be available for bidding on eBay, with all proceeds benefiting the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Bidding begins tonight at 11:30pm EST.


The years haven't quite caught up to the world of BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, but one of that movie's famous items is becoming available to you before 2015. Great Scott!

Those nifty auto-lacing Nike Air Mags that Marty McFly sports during his trip to futuristic Hill Valley will apparently be on your local shelves soon, no vehicular chrono-jumps required. The shoe company filed a patent for the design last year, and now it would appear they have made it through production and are nearly ready for all you McFlys.

No word on the development of the auto-drying jacket or the coveted Hoverboard.

Extra Tidbit: One of Griff's Hoverboard gang was played by Jason Scott Lee, best known for portraying Bruce Lee in DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY.
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