Tim Burton adds some familiar faces to his Frankenweenie cast

Now, here's a Tim Burton project I don't mind hearing about. (I'm still up in the air with the whole DARK SHADOWS movie.)

Burton has found his cast for the stop-motion animated version of FRANKENWEENIE. The film is based on his 1984 short about a man who brings his dog back to life after he is hit by a car.

My favorite Burton lady, Winona Ryder will be voicing Elsa the "goody-two-shoes" girl. Martin Landau, who won the Academy Award for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi in ED WOOD will voice Mr. Rzykruski. No notes on that character as of yet.

Martin Short and Catherine O'Hara will both take on five characters. Short will lend his voice to Bob, Nassor, Toshiaki, Victor's Dad, and Mr. Bergermeister. The awesome O'Hara ("He likes it.") voices Edgar, Weird Girl, Victor's Mom, and Gym Teacher. As you remember, Short was Press Secretary Jerry Ross in one of the most bizarre alien invasion movies ever, MARS ATTACKS. O'Hara appeared in BEETLEJUICE and lent her voice to Sally and Shock in THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

John August has written three screenplays directed by Burton, those being: BIG FISH, CORPSE BRIDE, and CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. The film will be released by Walt Disney Pictures on March 9, 2012.

Source: Deadline



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