Tim Story to direct Shaft movie for New Line

So Tim Story will be remaking SHAFT. Yes, another one.

The plot for the new SHAFT is currently under wraps, but according to Deadline, it will reportedly "focus on the son of the cool private eye who always finds himself navigating the gray terrain between the law and organized crime in New York City."  No word on if the main character will be the son of the original Shaft, played by Richard Roundtree, or of Samuel L. Jackson's Shaft, who was actually the original's nephew (Roundtree even made a cameo as the OG Shaft in the 2000 film).

Now, I don't hate remakes outright. And with the success of LUKE CAGE and the anticipation for the BLACK PANTHER movie, it's cool to see more badass POC character headlining action films. I'm honestly just more concerned with Story's nominally "point-and-click" direction, which could be a disservice to such a cool character. Hopefully they at least keep the iconic theme song.

Extra Tidbit: A young Christian Bale played an asshole yuppie villain in the 2000 remake.
Source: Deadline



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